A singer songwriter with Gold and Platinum credits Lindsay graduated from Queen’s University Film School and went on to begin his career at RCA Records in the Film/TV licensing division. Combining his interests of film and music along with the development of artist’s career’s led him to the launch of the now defunct SQUINT record label spearheading radio promotion, production, and film and TV licensing. Though only a handful of records were released Lindsay went on to break the career’s of recording artists SIXPENCE NONE THE RICHER with their smash singles “KISS ME” and “THERE SHE GOES”, and CHEVELLE, who are currently dominating rock and alternative radio. His strategic campaigns to break both bands through long-term artist development, film/TV placements, radio, and touring were key elements to their success.

Lindsay was recruited to launch and be the SVP and Executive in Charge Of Music for Walden Media and Bristol Bay Productions under The Anschutz Film Group umbrella with music supervision, marketing, and soundtracks as a focus. He is the Soundtrack Producer and/or Music Supervisor for HOLES, STOMP (A Pulse Odyssey) IMAX, Ray, GHOST OF THE ABYSS (Titanic) IMAX, SAHARA, NARNIA (The Lion, Witch and The Wardrobe), JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH, CITY OF EMBER, BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA, HOW TO EAT FRIED WORMS, AMAZING GRACE, I AM DAVID, AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS, NIM’S ISLAND, NARNIA (Prince Caspian), NARNIA (Dawn Treader), BANDSLAM!, and several others in production.

He specializes in working closely with directors, composers, artists, and producers from development to delivery, ensuring that their musical visions are executed be it orchestral score, source music, or original recordings.  Live recordings, on camera performances, pre-records, and music driven films are his passion. Lindsay has built a strong team of composers, music editors, sound mixers, and producers that he can turn to when needed. Lindsay will oversee all music related budgets, marketing, publishing, and strategic music initiatives to see that music is being maximized for the film and that integrity is first and foremost. His ability to strategically partner composers, songwriters and artists to creatively enhance a film, are what inspire him most.

Lindsay Fellows and I worked together during his tenure as Senior Vice-President of The Anschutz Film Group and Walden Media, on the  feature film Charlotte's Web. His integrity, work ethic, and creative  abilities to help build a great music team with our partners at  Paramount Pictures. Lindsay was a key contributor to the films success  both creatively and financially. He is a top executive and Music  Supervisor whom I would turn to whenever possible for any orchestral  score, source, or other creative music advice.

Jordan Kerner President Kerner Films/Dean of The University of North Carolina School of Filmmaking


Just wanted to chime in and say how much I love Lindsay.  He's a very  smart, responsible, creative and self motivated person with great  business and production skills.  I've employed him on many projects and  he's always done a phenomenal job for me.  It also doesn't hurt that he  is an all around great guy.  He'd be an asset to any project. Can't say enough about   how much I think of Lindsay.

Mitchell Leib President Of Music and Soundtracks Walt Disney Pictures  

I have had the great opportunity to work with Lindsay Fellows on two  films and I have to say collaborating with him was one of the great  highlights in my career thus far.  Lindsay not only has great song  insight but his prowess in working with composers and score is also at the same parallel. "Bridge to Terabithia" was one of my favorite scores  that I was able to participate in and Lindsay contributed a great deal  to the shaping and constructive criticisms all insightful to this  project. He is also on another front easy to get along with personally,  and in this sometimes very complicated world we live in of film scoring  that is essential and just as important as the content itself to a large  degree. Sometimes, it's not just about the music but the fit of  personalities and the ability to get along with people and have a  positive experience during that process. Lindsay Fellows is a music  supervisor who makes that experience come to fruition in every aspect. A  top notch professional and I would jump at the chance to work with him  again.

Aaron Zigman Composer Bridge To Terabithia, Sex and The City, The Notebook

“Lindsay is one of the best in this biz. He is a self-starter and a great team leader. He has such passion and enthusiasm for any project he is very detail oriented. I have worked with Lindsay over the course of 10 years and it has always been a fantastic experience.Hire this guy if you want results.”

Ken Phillipsn Owner, Ken Phillips Publicity Group, Inc.

“Lindsay knows more than almost anyone I know about music, both creatively and all about the business. He is opinionated and stands up for what he believes. Lindsay always has a smile and something nice to say even when things are difficult. I would love to work with him again if the opportunity presented itself.”

Jonas Thaler VP Post Production, Walden Media

“I had the pleasure of working directly with Lindsay for a number of years in his position with the Anschutz Film Group while I worked in London. Lindsay was incredibly talented, resourceful and dedicated to his craft. He takes the work that he does incredibly seriously and with a passion that never seems to dim. I have always appreciated the end result of his work and my clients noted his value as well. I could not recommend him highly enough.”

Phil Hardy Marketing Director, The Collective UK

“Lindsay is a consumate professional, and is one of the rare creative executives who manages his bottom line as effectively as his artists. He regularly envisioned and nurtured wonderful creative expressions for our films, with both score composers and end title artists. He worked tirelessly to make things happen, and invariably brought projects in on or under budget while exceeding our artistic expectations. Lindsay's musical contributions were integral to creating the look, tone and success of the Walden films. I would recommend him to anyone with no reservations whatsoever.”

Chris DeMoulin EVP Marketing, AFG/Walden Media/Bristol Bay Productions

“Lindsey and I have worked together on several occasions, I've always been impressed by his proficiency and attention to detail. He is a pleasure to work with, and always brings a calming presence to stressful situations. He is creative in work situations, and loves trying innovative choices. A very motive person, and someone i could always rely on when the crunch came. I look forward to the opportunity of working with him again in the future”

Johnny Caruso Music Editor, Caruso's Cutting Room

“I've known and worked with Lindsay for 11 years now. He's honest, sharp, and a consummate pro. His knowledge of the nuances of Music Placement in Film & TV is second to none. His genuine good humor and even temperament in pressure situations make him a true pleasure to work with. And if Adonis has a twin, It's Lindsay Fellows.”

Ed Bunker No Problem! Marketing, Chief Marketing Officer & Artist Manager, No Problem! Marketing

I have had the pleasure of working with Lindsay Fellows on several projects since first being invited to join his team on "Journey to the Center of the Earth" in 2006.  I've quickly come to respect Lindsay's wealth of knowledge and insight about film, television and music.  It's obvious he is a wizard in pulling these elements together to best serve creative, executive and marketing interests simultaneously, while never losing sight of the end product. Whether he's discovering new talent or attracting A-listers to his projects, he possesses a gift for pulling the absolute best out of his team using encouragement and enthusiasm.  As such, he holds both a reputation for getting amazing things done efficiently while at the same time being one of the most enjoyable people anyone's ever worked with - two qualities I've never seen co-exist before. I've never met anyone with so much pride for each and every project he works on.  Creatives love Lindsay because he teaches us that anything is possible.  Studios love Lindsay because he delivers excellence on budget.  In difficult situations composers, directors and executives all take comfort in knowing Lindsay's on their side....and the best part is, they're all right.

Andrew Lockington